I-jet now shipping—gives new possibilities for debugging ARM applications

Uppsala, Sweden—May 21, 2012—IAR Systems® announces that
I-jet™, the new high-performing in-circuit debugging probe, is now available for
immediate delivery. Thanks to its advanced features and high performance, I-jet
gives new possibilities for very fast, and stable, debugging. It is seamlessly
integrated into the high-performing C/C++ compiler and debugger tool suite IAR
Embedded Workbench® for ARM.

I-jet provides an exceptionally fast debugging platform,
with download speeds of up to 1 MB per second, JTAG and Serial Wire Debug (SWD)
clocking at up to 32 MHz, and Serial Wire Output (SWO) frequencies of up to 60
MHz. I-jet is also capable of delivering power to the target board and measuring
target power consumption with a high degree of accuracy. It is fully
plug-and-play, and offers user-friendly features such as automatic core
recognition, and direct download into the flash memory of most popular
microcontrollers. No power supply is needed since I-jet is entirely powered by

The new debug probe supports microcontrollers based on
ARM7™, ARM9™, ARM11™,
ARM® Cortex™-M, ARM Cortex-R4, and ARM Cortex-A5/A8/A9
cores. The Serial Wire Viewer (SWV) is supported using the UART and Manchester
encoding modes. Embedded Trace Buffer (ETB) and JTAG adaptive clocking are
supported and all JTAG signals can be monitored.

This is the first product launch in IAR Systems’
investment in an extended technology platform responding to the increased needs
for advanced and efficient debugging in the embedded industry. This premiere
launch will be followed by others in a new product portfolio of in-circuit
debugging probes, targeted for simplified, seamless and more flexible
development workflows. The entire portfolio will be delivered with access to IAR
Systems’ renowned global support and product maintenance. The fact that the
products are developed in-house in tight coordination with IAR Embedded
Workbench ensures complete integration.

I-jet is available for purchase through IAR Systems’
offices, distributors, and e-shop, and is priced at EUR 250 / USD

For more product information, visit www.iar.com/ijet.