Compact USB radio stick as a smart wireless solution in 802.15.4 applications

At this years SPS/IPC/DRIVES exhibition in Nuremberg dresden elektronik will be introducing a new multi-talent
The next generation of USB radio sticks that is based on the CortexM3 architecture was launched last year. Since then several versions of this compact radio module with USB interface have emerged and with the FCC certification for 2.4 GHz frequency they are usable worldwide. At the SPS/IPC/DRIVES in Nuremberg dresden elektronik shows at the ususal location at booth 410 in hall 6, among others, this new multi-talent. It covers a whole range of cases of applications in product development for IEEE 802.15.4 based sensor networks.
USB radio sticks “deRFusb“
With the USB radio stick you can easily connect a computer with a IEEE 802.15.4 based wireless sensor network. For instance as a virtual serial interface the radio stick allows the computer-aided control of a wireless network. Individual nodes can be easily activated, parameterized and the complete network communication coordinated.
Base is the Cortex-M3 microcontroller from Atmel with 256 kByte Flash and 64 kByte RAM and the 2.4 GHz band transceiver AT86RF231. It stands out with improved and developer-friendly handling and enhanced performance.
The USB radio sticks are available in the basic versions either with or without integrated memory stick. With a storage capacity of 2 GB all required driver, documentation and application data can be delivered right on the stick so the customer can use it right away.
The following versions of the deRFusb are available:
·         for software development with JTAG
·         for implementation with housing, without JTAG
·         for network analysis with firmware for Perytons test license
Possible applications are:

For software development with JTAG
The stick is delivered with a soldered combined JTAG/Trace connector that allows programming, debugging and testing directly in the circuit. This makes it ideally suited for software development. On delivery status the USB radio stick is usable as wireless UART, e.g. as direct connection between two computers. Powerful network layers such as 6LoWPAN or ZigBee are in preparation.
For implementation with housing, no JTAG
Without JTAG but with housing this version aims more to the integration directly into the end application. The stick is delivered without preinstalled firmware so that the customized firmware can be installed once via USB using the SAM-BA tool from Atmel. For larger quantities dresden elektronik delivers the stick with already preinstalled customized firmware as finished product in enclosed housing including an individual label.
For network analysis with firmware for Perytons test license
The analyzer version is optimally tuned to the professional network and protocol analyzer software from Perytons. The software from Perytons supports a number of standard protocols such as ZigBee, ZigBee RF4CE, 6LoWPAN/ZigBeeIP, 802.15.4, 802.15.4a and also proprietary applications.
Either as single component or as part of the new development kits, with the analyzer stick and an unrestricted 30-day trial license from Perytons network structures can be easily monitored or data streams and runtime performance closely observed. Especially during development this protocol analyzer software is a valuable tool. Within the 30 days the software can be used in its entirety. Subsequently the user can purchase a full license at Perytons or re-program the USB radio stick for other applications.
Special feature: the USB radio stick from dresden elektronik is currently the only radio dongle on the market that allows simultaneously sniffing on up to 16 channels with chronological synchronism.
Supported are all three versions of Perytons software for the 802.15.4 radio range:
§ Peryton-S (Single channel analyzer/sniffer)
§ Peryton-D (Peryton-S with antenna diversity)
§ Peryton-M (Multi channel analyzer/sniffer)
More information can be found here:
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