Secure boot and multi-layer encryption on TI DSPs and TI DSP + ARMĀ® processors

DALLAS (June 13, 2011) – Today, Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE: TXN) is offering its customers added protection against unauthorized reading of intellectual property (IP) and sensitive data in its TMS320C6748 digital signal processors (DSPs) and OMAP-L138 DSP + ARM® processors.  These processors are part of the TI’s C6000™ DSP and C6-Integra™ DSP + ARM product platforms.  The two areas of protection include:

Examples of applications that would benefit from the secure boot and secure field upgrade feature include medical patient monitors that utilize proprietary, certified algorithms and software-defined radios (SDRs) to ensure communication isn’t compromised if the radios fall into the wrong hands.

“Software is a key differentiator for companies to be competitive in their markets; however, it is also their leading cost factor,” said Joy Ji, OMAP-L1x DSP + ARM product marketing manager, TI. “TI’s newly enhanced processors enable customers to protect those investments, which is why TI is integrating secure boot on our industry-leading processors. This hardware-based security system allows our customers more robust IP protection than typical software-based solutions.”

For applications requiring manufacturing facilities that support secure-boot technology, Logic PD, a member of TI’s Elite Design House Network, provides design services, turnkey design through manufacturing and manufacturing facilities that support the secure-boot technology implementation at its U.S.-based, ITAR- and ISO 13485-compliant manufacturing sites.

TI also offers a wide variety of complementary power management solutions to ease the power supply design and maximize power savings in C6748 DSPs and OMAP-L138 DSP + ARM processors.

Robust hardware-based security

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TI’s C6000 DSP performance

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Differentiated integration

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Integrated peripherals

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Pricing and availability

The secure boot, multi-level encrypted C6748 DSPs and OMAP-L138 DSP + ARM processors are sampling today at 375MHz and 456MHz with industrial temperature ranges available. Production pricing starts at $18 per 1,000 units (1ku) for the C6748 DSP and $21.40 per 1ku for the OMAP-L138 DSP + ARM processor.  TI also offers secure-boot-enabled devices in the C5000™ ultra-low-power DSP platform and plans to introduce future software-compatible devices with varying levels of security in additional DSP, DSP + ARM and ARM-only platforms.