Micro Digital Announces SMX RTOS Now Available for Energy Micro AS EFM32G Microcontrollers

Micro Digital, Inc. is pleased to offerout-of-the-box SMX RTOS support for Energy Micro EFM32Gxxxmicrocontrollers. Included are BSP code, smx hard real-time multitaskingkernel, smxAware kernel-aware plug-in for IAR C-Spy, and GoFastfloating point library for the Thumb-2 instruction set. Full support,including project files and demo code is provided for IAR´s EmbeddedWork Bench for ARM toolsuite. A free evaluation kit is available todownload at www.smxrtos.com/eval.

TheEFM32 microcontroller family is ARM Cortex-M3 based. It has a number ofenergy-saving features, operates up to 32MHz, and has up to 128 KBflash, up to 90 GPIO pins, assorted peripherals, and hardware AESencryption and decryption. It features five energy management modes, andthus is well-suited for battery-operated devices.

SMX softwarehas been proven to give high performance with small code and RAMfootprints. Full support for EWARM and the EFM32 Gecko Development Kitallows programmers to get their projects off to a quick start. smxAwareprovides the system-level overview that programmers need to track downtheir problems quickly. SMX also features extensive error checking anderror management that help to find bugs quickly and speed products tomarket.

The GoFast library improves the calculation speed ofcomplex floating point functions by as much as ten times when it runs onthe Thumb-2 (Cortex) instruction set.

Availability and Licensing
  SMX for EFM32Gxxxmicrocontrollers is available immediately for purchase and includes fullsource code, 90 days of technical support, and no per-seat charges. Allof Micro Digital´s software is royalty free and sold with a 30-daymoney back guarantee. Evaluation kits are available, at no charge, forqualified evaluators from www.smxrtos.com/eval.