Freescale integrates QorIQ and StarCore technologies on a single board for next generation wireless base stations

P2020 and MSC8156 AdvancedMC reference design supports LTE, WiMAX, WCDMA and TD-SCDMA standards

Amsterdam (LTE World Summit) - 18 May 2010 – Wireless base stationmanufacturers increasingly need rapid prototyping and deployment platforms to accelerate development and preserve software investments.To meet this need, Freescale Semiconductor introduces the new P2020 andMSC8156 based AdvancedMC™ (AMC) reference design, which allows service providers to quickly deploy one technology today with the flexibility to scale the capacity at a later date while utilizing the same software.

Freescale’s P2020 and MSC8156 AMC reference design provides a compelling combination of StarCore and Power Architecture® technologies and multi-protocol acceleration engines in a single-width AMC form factor to provide a comprehensive Layer 1, 2 and 3 baseband processing platform. The offering allows OEMs to speed time to market and provide a smooth path to advanced wireless standards.

Manufacturers can reuse software across their equipment portfolio due to the scalable nature and software compatibility of the QorIQprocessor andStarCore DSP product families. For example, OEMs can usethe reference designto address carrier demand for solutions that allowfor redeployment of softwarecreated for a macro base station to alsobe used in a picocell wirelesscommunication system.

About the QorIQ P2020 Communications Processor
Freescale´s QorIQ P2020 communications processor is a signature member of Freescale´s QorIQ product line. The P2020 device integrates twoe500 Power Architecture cores, a rich set of high-speed I/O options,security acceleration engine technology and an DDR2/3 memory controller on a 45-nm process technology low power platform. Dual cores at 1.2GHz deliver the cost advantages and energy efficiency needed to manage a large amount of control plane and data plane traffic present within networking linecard and baseband channel card equipment.

About the MSC8156 Digital Signal Processor
The MSC8156 DSP delivers flexibility, integration and affordability while answering demand from wireless base station OEMs for ultra-high computational performance for baseband applications. The MSC8156 DSP is an ideal choice for applications including multi-standard wireless base stations, radar systems, video conferencing servers, voice gateways and industrial applications. The device offers a total of 48GMACs (Giga Multiply and Accumulate) per second of DSP core performance. The embedded MAPLE-B baseband accelerator offers up to 280 Msps of FFT throughput, up to 175 Msps DFT, 200 Mbps at six iterations of Turbo decodingfor 3G-LTE and 100 Mbps of Viterbi decoding with tail-biting and multi-iterations.

Availability and Pricing
Pricing for the P2020 andMSC8156 AMC Reference Design starts at a suggested resale price of $5,000.00 USD and is available from GDA Technologies, Inc (An L&T Infotech Company). To learn more, please visit more information on Freescale’s technology, please visit