energyAware Profiler ensures energy efficient code creation

Oslo, Norway and ESC, San Jose, Ca, April 27th, 2010 – Energy Micro® haslaunched a companion energy debugging tool for its 32-bitARM®Cortex™-M3-based energy friendly microcontroller kits. Called the energyAware™ Profiler, the Windows software reads the kits’Advanced Energy Monitoring (AEM) system data and enables simplegraphical visualization and optimization of application energyconsumption and code.

Interfacing via USB with both the EFM®32 Gecko development kit and lowcost starter kit, the patent pending energyAware Profiler complementsthe kits’ on-board AEM LCD display and provides three simultaneousviews; a graph of real-time application current consumption, an objectcode listing and an energy profile of individual application functions.

Clicking anywhere on the current graph takes the user to the associatedobject code, to reveal the function responsible for the related currentconsumption. During code execution all application functions are individuallyprofiled and sorted by overall energy consumption. The user can pause the real-time log at any time, scale andscroll-through the current graph and export data for further analysis.

Energy Micro CTO Øyvind Janbu commented, "The energyAware Profiler is asignificant step forward for the development of energy efficient code. Many weeks of debugging and optimization effort are quite literallytranslated into a short series of queries that deliver instant answers."

The energyAware Profiler software is available as a free download at An introductory video can be viewed at

Energy Micro launched its first product family, the ARM® Cortex™-M3based EFM32 Gecko microcontroller family in October 2009. Consuming less than a quarter of the energy of existing 8-, 16- or32-bit microcontrollers the product has been cited as the world’s mostenergy friendly microcontroller.

Energy Micro is a finalist in this year’s EE Times Annual Creativity inElectronics (ACE) Awards in the Startup of the Year category. The company last month received Elektronik’s Product of the Year Awardin Germany, and the Embedded Award for Hardware at the Embedded World2010 Exhibition & Conference in Nuremberg.

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