Sourcery G++™ Improves Embedded Application Performance

GRANITE BAY, CA, USA - April 27, 2010 - CodeSourcery, the leadingprovider of GNU tools for professional embedded C and C++ developers, announces the immediate availability of thespring 2010 release of Sourcery G++ for ARM®,ColdFire®, IA32, MIPS®, Power Architecture®, Stellaris® and SuperH®processors. The latest release features enhancements that boost applicationperformance and make it easier to get started with GNU/Linux application development.

Improved Thumb-2 code generation in the spring 2010 release yieldsbetter performance on the ARM Cortex™-Afamily--with a 25% speed-up on the CoreMark™ benchmark compared tothe spring 2009 release, as measured on a Texas Instruments OMAP3530Cortex-A8 processor. The spring release introduces support for the microMIPS™ instruction set architecture and faster softwarefloating-point emulation routines for MIPS bare-metal targets. Sourcery G++ for Power features moreefficient code generation for Freescale´s QorIQ processor and optimized core library routines for Freescale´sE500 processor for Linux and bare-metal development.The Sourcery G++ spring 2010 release makes it simpler to use theRemote System Explorer (RSE) to debug Linux applicationswith GDB Server, includes enhanced support for flash programming viaSegger J-Link, and features an update to the GNU Debugger(GDB) version 7.0.50.Other improvements to the Sourcery G++ DebugSprite make it easier to debug inbare-metal and RTOS environments.

"Our team is working hard to make it easier to develop embeddedapplications--and to make those applications fasterand smaller," said Mark Mitchell, Chief Sourcerer of CodeSourcery. "By working with the world´sleading silicon companies and by integrating our own technology with the best open-source tools, CodeSourcery is able to offer affordable,high-quality C and C++ development tools for a wide range of embedded platforms, including ARM, ColdFire, IA32,MIPS, Power and SuperH."

Sourcery G++ contains enhanced versions of popular open-source tools,including an integrated development environment based on Eclipse™ and the Eclipse C/C++ Development Tools, C/C++compilers, an assembler and linker, runtime libraries, and a source- and assembly-level debugger. Sourcery G++runs on GNU/Linux or Microsoft Windows®hosts (including Windows 7) and supports bare metal, RTOS, uClinux,GNU/Linux or Windows target systems. Sourcery G++ is available in Professional, Standard and PersonalEditions.CodeSourcery will exhibit the spring release of Sourcery G++ at ESCSilicon Valley (Booth #3050) this week.CodeSourcery is a member of the ACCESS Connect Ecosystem, the ARMConnected Community, the Freescale Tools Alliance Program, the Intel Embedded Alliance, the Microsoft PartnerNetwork, the MIPS Alliance Program, the Renesas Alliance, the Samsung Mobile Innovator Program, and theTI Developer Network.