Infineon XE166/XC2000: Tasking VX-XC2000/XE166 Workshop

Infineon XE166/XC2000: Tasking VX-XC2000/XE166 Workshop

Extend the life of your HW platform by simply replacing your traditional compiler tool chain by advanced TASKING C166 VX-C166VX compiler technology and gain 45% more headroom to plan your future.
Simply by migrating to our new VX compiler tool chains your current and future embedded applications run up to 25% faster consuming up to 45% less memory. This protects you from incurring immense cost, time and risk involved in migrating to a new 32bit CPU architecture. Moreover you secure yourself the pole position for extending your road map towards the newest 16bit Infineon Architectures XC2000/XE166.

Our seminar series features four events at four locations:
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