Happy New Year with Infineon's Microcontroller Solutions!

Have a happy New Year with Infineon´s Microcontroller Solutions.
We hope that all of your personal wishes come true in 2010. Your wishes in efficient embedded designs can be fulfilled with Infineon´s high performance and scalable 8Bit and 16Bit microcontroller families XC800 and XE166.
XC800 is Infineon´s high performance 8051 based microcontroller family with intelligent peripherals for signal acquisition and generation for automotive (XC800 A-Series) and industrial application (XC800 I-Series). Designed for very price sensitive applications it does no compromise on real-time performance and quality.
With more than 500 million pieces of the C166 architectures sold, it has set the standard. With its fast interrupt response and context switching, the C166 family is ideally suited for automotive and industrial applications. Its newest families XE166 and XC2000 combine the strengths of a microcontroller unit for the control of peripherals with the computing power of DSPs.
Easy-to-use and fastest time to production are granted by a comprehensive platform of development tools - from free tool chain to application kits with microcontroller, reference software and power boards.

For more information please visit www.infineon.com/mcu or ask for your personal information package here (Link: http://registration.infineon.com/forms/XC878/XC878nafta.asp?ct=30017)