New Embedded Developer European Site brings Processor Search and Compare Capabilities to Engineers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland will speed the evaluation phase of the development cycle with search engines and links to Hearst’s processor stock check and Digi-Key’s German-language distribution sites.

Uniondale, New York, December 1, 2009—Embedded Developer LLC has announced the release of a new Embedded Developer site in the German language: will have the content of the global site, and will also contain regional processor and development tools information and searches. The site, to be launched at Embedded World in Nuremberg, Germany, March 2nd, 2010, will be promoted by and linked to ELEKTRONIKPRAXIS, the leading German print and media publisher in the embedded industry, and Digi-Key Corporation’s German , Austrian, and Swiss sites.

Commenting on the launch of Embedded Developer, Germany, Glenn ImObersteg, the President of Embedded Developer, states “ We already have a huge following of European engineers using our global site to evaluate processors and order samples and tools. Making the German, Austrian and Swiss site reflect and solve regional development issues will be key to our success in this region, as it has been in Asia with Embedded Developer, China. We believe in Digi-Key’s policy of Think Local, Act Global, and as our distribution partner, we want to continue to service their engineering needs on a regional level throughout the world.”

“In 2010, Embedded Developer will continue to be a huge benefit to European engineers in the research and evaluation phase of the design cycle, and an ideal solution for manufacturers looking for a platform. Embedded Developer’s intuitive research and compare engines help engineers speed their chip evaluation time. Without knowing the manufacturer, chip family or part number, they can select the features they want and let the search and compare engines do the rest. Once they have the chip that meets their needs they can download data sheets, send an RFQ, request samples from Digi-Key, and purchase processors and the development tools that support them—without leaving the site.”

Dave Doherty, Vice President of Semiconductor Products, Digi-Key, states “The first generation of the web brought an increased level of resources to the engineer’s fingertips proportionate to their willingness to search for it. This next generation offers even more power in supporting information in local language with seamless integration to the engineer’s platform of choice. Digi-Key is excited to bring our broadest array of microcontrollers and tools for immediate shipment to, the #1 site for engineers to search, compare and find the best solutions for their design. ”

Johann Wiesboeck, the Publisher of ELEKTRONIKPRAXIS, states: “The search and compare engine provided by Embedded Developer will be very helpful to all German engineers to find the best fitting processor platforms for their designs. This can shorten the evaluation phase and saves time and money in thousands of embedded projects the German industry starts every year.”