New Firmware Catalog Enhances Actel's Tool Suite for Embedded Software Developers

Actel Corporation (NASDAQ: ACTL) continues its commitment to enhancing theembedded processor development tool suite with the release of its new Firmware Catalog. Thisnew tool streamlines the locating and generating of firmware that is compatiblewith Intellectual Property (IP) cores used in Actel embedded processor basedlow-power IGLOO®, ProASIC®3 or Fusion mixed-signal FPGA designs.

The Firmware Catalog is a standalone executable program that enables thebrowsing, selection, and GUI configuration of firmware drivers, hardwareabstraction layers and design examples. Through a web connection to a remoterepository, the Firmware Catalog dynamically reminds the user of new cores orcore versions available for download. It also provides detailed descriptions anddirect access to user guides. When used with Actel´s SoftConsole Eclipse-basedembedded software development environment, developers are provided a featurerich and comprehensive system for rapid production of C and C++ executables forActel´s ARM® Cortex™-M1 and Core8051s soft processordesigns. The Firmware Catalog can also be used with other popular software IDEscurrently available.

"The new Firmware Catalog gives embedded system designers an intuitive andstreamlined approach to accessing drivers and other firmware source code that iscompatible with IP cores used in Actel FPGA design," said Jim Davis, vicepresident of software and systems engineering. "The combination of Actel´s Libero IDE and IP library for FPGAhardware design plus the Firmware Catalog and SoftConsole for software designprovide a powerful design tool system enabling our customers to quickly bringtheir embedded systems to market."

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