Renesas Technology to Release SH72546R MCU for Automotive Engine Control that Combines the Industry’s Largest On-Chip Flash Memory Capacity of 3.75 MB and High-Speed Operation

Delivers Fine-Grained and Sophisticated Real-Time Control for BetterPerformance, Including Reduced Exhaust Emissions and Improved FuelEconomy

SAN JOSE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Renesas Technology America, Inc., today announced the addition to theSuperH*1 Family of the SH72546R, a powertrain (automobileengine, transmission, etc.) control MCU that combines the industry’slargest on-chip flash memory capacity of 3.75 MB and high-speedoperation at 200 MHz. Sample shipments will begin in October 2009 inJapan.

The SH72546R is the third in Renesas Technology’s line ofhigh-performance control MCUs employing the 90 nm process node tointegrate large-capacity flash memory. It is designed for powertraincontrol applications, which demand more fine-grained and agile responseto achieve environmental goals such as reduced exhaust emissions andimproved fuel economy. It retains the 200 MHz high-speed operation ofthe SH72544R, the first product in the line, while expanding the on-chipflash memory size by 50% to 3.75 MB, enabling storage of even largerprograms. (Note: The second product in the line has lower-gradespecifications than the first.)

The features of the SH72546R are summarized below.

    (1) Support for large-scale programs with industry’s largest on-chipflash memory capacity of 3.75 MB   The SH72546R has 3.75 MB of on-chip flash memory, which is 1.5 timesas much as the SH72544R, the first product in the line. This allowsstorage of large-scale programs for implementing more fine-grainedand high-precision control of the engine or transmission.   Generally, a flash memory has a slower maximum operating speed thana logic circuit due to its operating principle. In addition to usingRenesas’ unique technologies to increase the speed of the flashmemory in this product, the SH72546R also features a low-power cachesystem to optimize the use of flash memory. Not only do thesetechnologies minimize increases in power consumption, but theyachieve performance essentially equal to single-cycle access at 200MHz.   The SH72546R also includes 128 Kbytes of flash memory with functionsessentially equivalent to those of EEPROM for data storage. Usingthis on-chip flash memory can obviate the need for external memoryand thus contribute to reduced system costs.   (2) High-performance CPU core operating at 200 MHz for sophisticatedreal-time control and low power consumption   Like the SH72544R, the first product in the line, the SH72546Rdelivers excellent processing performance of 400 millioninstructions per second (MIPS) when operating at 200 MHz. Thisenables it to achieve sophisticated real-time control involving themore fine-grained and high-speed complex operation processingdemanded by engine or transmission control applications.   Additionally, the SH72546R is able to withstand high environmentaltemperatures, something that is difficult to achieve in MCUs withon-chip flash memory. Though fabricated using the 90 nm process nodeto enable large-capacity on-chip flash memory, it supports operationat 200 MHz at temperatures up to 125°C with low power consumption.The SH72546R can therefore be mounted in the high-temperatureenvironment of engine or transmission applications, allowing for asimpler system design.   (3) Extensive set of peripheral functions designed for engine andtransmission control system   The SH72546R includes a rich set of peripheral functions. Inaddition to a multifunction timer (ATU-III: Advanced Timer UnitIII), which is useful for both engine and transmission control, theSH72546R also features a high-speed 12-bit A/D converter, CAN*2interface, and high-speed serial interface functions. The SH72546Rcan thus implement high-precision real-time control in a smallmounting area.   (4) Complete compatibility with SH72546RFCC for program development   The SH72546R’s functions and package are fully compatible with theSH72546RFCC control MCU for program development, which was announcedin August 2007.   The SH72546RFCC is an MCU intended to be used by customers in thedevelopment of MCU software. It predates both the new SH72546R, andeven the first product in the line, and includes large-capacityemulation RAM*3 for highly efficient debugging. Customerscan easily transfer to the new SH72546R systems developed using theSH72546RFCC. This enables a decrease in overall system developmenttime.   The SH72546R is also a fully functioning, package, and pincompatible with the SH72544R, the first product in the line. Thisallows system hardware and software design resources developed forthe SH72544R to be adapted to the SH72546R quickly and seamlessly.  

< Product Background >

In the automotive field in recent years, exhaust emissions standardshave been strengthened in the interest of environmental preservation,and demand has increased for improved fuel economy. This has created aneed for more highly precise control in powertrain control systems forthe engine, transmission, etc. In turn, in the MCUs used to control suchsystems, there is increasing demand for a higher level of processingperformance to handle the high-speed and complex operation processingrequired on the one hand, and for larger-capacity on-chip flash memoryto accommodate the large-scale programs needed for fine-grained controlon the other. In addition, it is becoming more important to be able toreuse existing resources when developing systems incorporating MCUs toenable quicker system development and reduced cost.

Powertrain control MCUs from Renesas Technology are widely used in manysystems and have a high market share. Building on the technology andexperience gained from earlier products, in August 2007, RenesasTechnology developed the SH72546RFCC in response to heightened demandfor even better performance. Designed for use in program development,the SH72546RFCC is built around an SH-2A 32-bit CPU core with excellentreal-time control performance and is fabricated at the 90 nm processnode to provide high-speed operation at 200 MHz and 3.75 MB oflarge-capacity on-chip flash memory. In July 2008, the SH72544R, withhigh-speed operation of 200 MHz and 2.5 MB of on-chip flash memory, wasannounced as the first product in a new line of MCUs. It is nowsucceeded by the SH72546R, which offers even larger flash memorycapacity and retains full compatibility with the SH72546RFCC programdevelopment MCU.

< Product Details >

The SH72546R is built around the SH-2A high-performance CPU core, whichhas a superscalar that enables it to execute two instructionssimultaneously and a Harvard architecture. This enables it to achieveprocessing performance of 400 MIPS when operating at 200 MHz.

The SH72546R is fully compatible with the earlier SH72546RFCC andSH72544R, while including a large number of peripheral functions forengine control applications.

The ATU-III multifunction timer unit, an on-chip peripheral function, isuseful in engine or transmission control. It supports 32-bit inputcapture/output compare, one-shot pulse output, and pulse widthmodulation (PWM) output, among other functions, and can generate up to106 pulse outputs. The 12-bit A/D converter supports 37 input channels,enabling high-speed conversion of analog data from multiple sensors.Many interfaces are provided, including a CAN interface for vehiclenetworks and a high-speed serial interface for connecting externaldevices. These on-chip peripheral functions and interfaces help toreduce the total number of components in the system.

The package is a 272-pin P-BGA (21 mm × 21 mm), and full pincompatibility is maintained with the SH72546RFCC and SH72544R.

The E10A-USB on-chip debugging emulator is available as a developmenttool. Compact in size, it runs off USB bus power and requires noexternal power supply.

Renesas Technology will continue to respond to evolving market demand bydeveloping new powertrain MCU products that offer higher operatingfrequencies, better performance, and enhanced functions.

< Notes >

Notes:   1.   SuperH: A line of embedded reduced instruction set computer (RISC)MCUs designed to provide high performance per unit of powerconsumption (MIPS*/W), compact size, and a high cost-performanceratio. *SuperH™ is a trademark of Renesas Technology Corp. 2. CAN (Controller Area Network): An automotive network specificationproposed by Robert Bosch GmbH. 3.

Emulation RAM is used for adjustments during debugging. Theemulation RAM address space is set up to overlap the flash memoryarea so that data values can be rewritten freely, even duringmicrocontroller operation.


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