Advanced MPC8535E processor adds to Freescale’s portfolio of energy-efficient PowerQUICC® III devices

AUSTIN, Texas – May 12, 2009 – Freescale introduces the MPC8535E processor – a high-performance device offering advanced energy management functionality for a range of markets including networking, industrial and media processing applications. The processor is ideal for applications where cost-effectiveness, energy-efficiency and performance are key requirements.

The MPC8535E is a highly integrated SoC based on the e500 V2 core, built on Power Architecture™ technology, along with 32 KB of instruction and data cache and 512 KB of Level 2 cache. It is available in speed grades up to 1.25 GHz and helps lower system costs by integrating key interfaces and peripherals including DDR2 & DDR3 support, three PCI Express® controllers configurable x8, SD/MMC memory, as well as SATA, dual-USB, I2C, SPI and legacy PCI bus technologies.

The MPC8535E is pin- and package-compatible with the MPC8536E, thereby providing a migration path should future designs require additional performance and peripherals.

The MPC8535E has been identified as a Freescale Energy Efficiency product whose implementation of energy- or power- management technologies and/or performance within a specified energy budget over the life of the application is optimal or best-in-class.

The MPC8535E is now samplingat a suggested resale price of $60 (USD) for 10K quantities. To learn moreabout MPC8535E, go to