High-performance and space-saving: TQ minimodule of the TQMT10xx series on the basis of 64-bit Power Architectureâ„¢

High-performance and space-saving: TQ minimodule of the TQMT10xx series on the basis of 64-bit Power Architecture™

With the TQMT1042, TQ is presenting a minimodule with the latest Power Architecture™ generation of NXP. The T1042 processor that is used, with four 64-bit cores and high-performance Data Path Accelerator Architecture (DPAA) forms the basis for a processor module with significantly increased output and simultaneously reduced power consumption and minimal dimensions. The TQMT1042 is the cornerstone of the new TQMT10xx series, which is able to support a large bandwidth of the 64-bit Power Architecture™ processors, due to its flexible design.

QorIQ module TQMT1042 is the ideal platform for system developers, whose focus is on the efficient processing of large data volumes, data security and high flexibility with the I/O interfaces. The flexible design also supports the use of all pin-compatible processors of the T1/T2 series, from single-core, dual-core and quad-core right up to processors with eight virtual cores and a SIMD (Single Instruction Multiple Data) unit based on AltiVec technology. The TQMT10xx minimodules are therefore scalable within a wide range of applications.

The QorIQ T1 series processors with 64-bit technology offer an excellent software-compatible upgrade path to the predecessor generation of 32-bit P-series processors. The e5500 processor cores operate with a frequency of up to 1.5 GHz, fast L1 cache and L2 cache and another 256KB of jointly used platform cache (L3). The addressable storage area is comprised of up to 64 Gbyte. Integrated hardware accelerators for efficient data processing and additional security mechanisms distinguish the entire T1 processor family. The hardware also supports mechanisms for virtualization, so that tasks can be distributed and parallelized in a simple way. At the same time, the realization of security-critical tasks is supported.

With this new design, TQ is offering an extremely high-performance products series on the basis of the latest Power Architecture™ technology and is thereby expanding its product range with a series of embedded modules, which cover a very broad service range and simultaneously enable energy-efficient solutions in the smallest space.