– InterNiche Technologies announced the immediate availability of demonstration software of its networking protocol libraries

InterNiche Technologies today announced the immediate availability of demonstration software of its networking protocol libraries for Atmel SAM4E, Microchip 32-bit PIC32™ MX/MZ, STMicroelectronics STM32FXXX and Texas Instruments TM4C129XXX MCUs. 


“InterNiche has worked with each of these companies to port all of its source code protocol modules so that customers can be confident that their integration efforts will go quickly and smoothly,” said Larry Larder, InterNiche president.  “We are also releasing a low-cost object library version of our most popular network libraries to support this portfolio of microcontrollers.  This means that customers now have a choice of more flexible source code or low-cost object modules for TCP/IP v4/v6, HTTP and other add on modules.  Our collaboration efforts provide developers with access to proven networking source code that has shipped in hundreds of millions of products from some of the world’s leading companies as well as some of the most innovative startups.”

The modular and flexible design of NicheStack and its software protocol modules enable embedded designers to rapidly integrate, configure and tune the stack for their systems.  NicheStack also provides developers with a complete software solution, supporting a wide range of network protocols (SSL, SSH, IPSec, etc.), client/server applications (HTTP server, FTP server, etc.), and more.

About InterNiche Technologies

InterNiche is the premier specialist provider of Internet protocol software stacks and networking expertise targeted at connected device implementations. Over many years of specialization in portable stack implementations, InterNiche has developed a reputation for providing robust technology, expert consultancy and highly responsive technical support to help keep customer project teams on schedule and within budget. InterNiche is headquartered in Campbell, CA and represented in 22 countries around the world. For more information, visit www.iniche.com, www.tcpipstack.com or contact us at sales@iniche.com or,  +1 408 540 1160 ext. 211