TQ-TinyBox TBa53: Modular data logger and gateway for wireless building automation

With the TinyBox TBa53, TQ presents a modular data logger based on the TQMa53 which can also be used as a gateway in a wireless BACnet environment. The device, consisting of motherboard, module and casing allows for the cost-effective and quick implementation of custom system solutions. Two system slots are available for expansions.

The TinyBox TBa53 can be integrated directly into the control cabinet as a DIN rail device, thus forming the basis for a system solution which can be implemented quickly. The TQ minimodule TQMa53, a high-performance Cortex™-A8 module, is used in the process.

The data logger or the gateway makes a wide range of interfaces available to the user on the carrier board, such as RS232, 2x CAN (electrically isolated), 2x USB 2.0 and 2x Ethernet. To enhance it, an SD card interface accessible from the outside was installed.

In addition to the standard interfaces, the board is expandable via two expansion module plug-in connectors. These are of the same design and offer different interfaces (2x UART/SPI/I2C/USB/GPIO). Any number of expansion modules can be implemented on the basis of these interfaces.

Wireless solutions such as UMTS/GPRS, Wi-Fi as well as Bluetooth are planned in addition to the RS232 and RS485 expansion modules already available. Furthermore, various I/O features can be implemented on the expansion modules as well via the available interfaces.

CoreNetiX utilized this advantage and is currently developing an expansion card on the basis of the CNX100 wireless radio module. The CNX100 wireless radio module operates in the 868 MHz frequency band. It offers a robust wireless BACnet as well as a mesh network protocol stack which, thanks to its AES128 encryption, is also suitable for security-related applications. This serves as a basis for a BACnet implementation, optimized for embedded systems, which now allows the wireless integration of terminals into a BACnet environment as well. The selection of system components ensures very low power consumption.

A gateway constitutes the link between the wireless network and the wired world. In addition, it provides management systems with access to the BACnet devices in the wireless network. Through the wireless system components of the CoreNetiX, terminals which are integrated wirelessly into a BACnet environment can no longer be distinguished from wired devices.

Customers have the flexibility to choose the functionality they need according to their requirements. If a desired functionality is not yet available, it can usually be implemented for a reasonable price on the basis of the modular approach.

Typical areas of application for the TinyBox TBa53 with long-term availability are multi-hop, mesh network solutions for applications in the sectors of building automation, smart metering, smart home, security & monitoring, industrial automation, process control as well as service management.

With this device, TQ offers its customers a basis for integration into existing applications or the possibility to quickly implement a product of their own. If the features were to be insufficient and expansions become necessary, TQ and CoreNetiX provide expert assistance for the implementation of custom system solutions.


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Accompanying image material: TinyBox TBa53

Link to the product website: http://www.tq-group.com/en/TBa53