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Intelligent Systems Source
The RTC Group, Inc., a leading marketing services company addressing the industrial computer markets, has launched a new and innovative website known as Intelligent Systems Source.

The goal of the site is to emulate the strengths of the sister sites, RTC and Embedded Developer, by comparing and contrasting single board computers and other aspects of industrial system design. By enabling an engineer to select any number of SBCs for side-by-side comparison and evaluation, it will instill confidence in their choice. In addition, upon selection of the right SBC, the engineer may wish to request further information and/or select a shopping cart function linked to manufacturers’ and distributors’ inventory through Embedded Developer, in instances when the relationship between supplier and distributor exists.

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Welcome to Intelligent Systems Source, the Premier Search Tool for SBCs

Intelligent Systems Source, Before Its One Year Anniversary, Achieves 20,000 unique Visitors per Month

The leader in SBCs has become the keynote to feature products on the SBC industry\\\'s first parametric search engine.

The RTC Group, Inc. Enters a New Worldwide Licensing and Joint Marketing Agreement with Embedded Developer, LLC Launch Intelligent Systems Source

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SBC Search Interface

SBC Search InterfaceIntelligent Systems Source is a parametric search engine for design engineers seeking a side-by-side comparison of off-the-shelf system modules and SBCs.