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TQ stands for “Technology in Quality”. Our corporate guidelines define exactly what we understand by this. Our objectives and our specific actions are determined by this:

Our business philosophy

We are a leading technology service provider for electronic modules and systems.

We are a leading technology service provider for the development and production of electronic modules and systems. We are distinguished by a high degree of technological know-how, superior quality and the highest customer service.

Our customers are the focus of our work.

Our customers are the focus of all our activities and efforts. Our goals and operations are oriented to meet the customer’s wishes by consistently and systematically considering quality and cost requirements. Quality, delivery and flexibility as well as good customer relationships based on partnership are top priorities. To ensure a strong customer satisfaction is our most important goal and our most important foundation of success.


TQ Articles and Whitepapers   
Recent Articles from TQ

Embedded Modules: Buy Vs Build
Some of the obstacles and costs associated with designing complex computing platforms--certification, design and development time and production costs--can be overcome by using an off-theshelf embedded module.The following article examines some of these challenges and details how and where savings can be realized by opting for buying a pre-tested module instead of building a system from the ground up.
Using ARM Modules with RTOSes for secure applications
As communication between devices in the consumer world become more prevalent so does the issue of security. Recently TQ has partnered with two operating systems’ companies to demonstrate how a user of the TQ modules can protect their product from being compromised by hackers.
Using ARM Cortex-A9 with Multiple Displays

Through the use of several display interfaces, the TQMa6x with i.MX6 by Freescale provides the very highest degree of flexibility for applications in which several user displays with different display forms are required. Software developed with Pengutronix is available for applications with touch displays. More (pdf)

Using ARM Cortex-A9 for Secure Applications
The adaptation of PikeOS™ to the TQMa6x module means that alongside conventional control tasks, the embedded module is also ideally suited to applications with high levels of security. The combination of the reliable hardware offered by TQ and PikeOS™ creates a solid basis for applications that must comply with IEC61508, EN50128/50129SIL4 and DO-178B DAL-B and provides a good starting point for future developments.More (pdf)
Compact solutions for wireless HD video transmission in real time

This wireless HD video transmission module enables the transmission of video data in full HD up to 1080p6. At a latency of less than 1 ms, video transmission occurs with complete frame synchronization in real time. This is especially crucial if an interaction takes place between the video image and the user, for example during medical treatment or surgery.More (PDF)

Seductive Parallel Worlds

What advantages do modules for ARM® Cortex-A9 processors really provide?

Standardized processor modules promise their users that they will be able to change over from one manufacturer to the next. The devil is in the details . . .
Resolving the Babylonian Confusion in the ARM® Module Market
In the race for market leadership, ARM® processor quantities are now ahead of processors
with x86 architecture, since many devices on the mass market, such as mobile telephones
and PDAs, rely on ARM processors. However, the x86 architecture still has its nose in front on
the embedded market, and particularly the module market.
Embedded Modules Speed Development and Decrease Costs in Medical Equipment Designs
Developments and trends on the electronics market are generally quickly reflected on the electrical medical equipment market. Cost pressure and time constraints are also heightened here, forcing companies to focus on their core competencies.
The ARM ® Module Market is Kicking into High Gear and Standards are Lagging Behind
With the unveiling of the ARM Cortex A9 processor, large companies from the x86 module market are now entering the ring. As is normal in the x86 market, they are now striving for standardization on the ARM module Market

TQ Brochure   
Computer Modules for Embedded Applications

TQ-USA is the North American division of TQ-Systems GmbH, one of the leading solution providers of innovative technologies for 20 years.

TQ-USA distributes computer modules supporting Freescale’s QorIQ™, ARM926™, ARM11™, Cortex™-A9 processor-based MCUs and Texas Instruments’ ARM® Cortex-A8 processor-based MCUs. TQ-USA also distributes Freescale ARM926 and ARM11 MCU-based Hardware Solutions for system integration.

More (pdf)

Small, powerful and secure: ARM9™ Module TQMa28 with Wind River Intelligent Device Platform

Intensive cooperation with Intel: TQ-Systems pushes the x86 range

TQMa335x: The Cortex™-A8 module is a building block for the development of medical devices

TQMa6x: The Cortex™-A9 module for multi-display applications in medicine

TQMa335x: The Cortex™-A8 module as a building block for the development of medical devices

TQ-TinyBox TBa53: Modular data logger and gateway for wireless building automation

TQ TinyBox TBa53: Modular data logger and gateway for fast systems solutions

TQMa335: The Cortex™ A8 module with PRU support

RoboCup world champion relies on the COMSys PC solutions of TQ

Strong multi-talents: COMSys x86 solutions

TQMa28L – the small and plugless ARM9™ module

COMSys now with Intel® Ivy Bridge: Strong processing power with up to 25% reduced energy usage

TQMa32F – a powerful combination of FPGA with Cortex M3/M4

Cortex™ A9 module TQMa6x – scalable and powerful

Embedded PC platform COMSys: A strong foundation for Box PCs and Panel PCs

The energy saver: Low Power QorIQ™ module TQMP1020 by TQ

TQMa53 – The Cortex™ A8 module with high-performance graphics

Daughter/SOM/OEM Boards

Development Kits etc.

AM335x Embedded Module

_AM335x Embedded ModuleThe TQMa335x module supports the TI AM335x Cortex-A8 family of processors. The AM335x family is optimized for POWERVR SGX Graphics Accelerator subsystem for 3D graphics acceleration to support display

C167 MiniModule

_C167 MiniModuleThis Minimodule can be equipped with either the Infineon C167SR or C167CR or C167CS.

ColdFire 5329 Minimodule

_ColdFire 5329 MinimoduleThe TQM5329 Minimodule, based on the Freescale MCF5329 processor, offers a balanced ratio between computing and graphic performance.

FPGA/STM32F Module

_FPGA/STM32F ModuleThis embedded module is a powerful combination of FPGA and either Cortex M3 or M4 with a variety of interfaces with low power consumption and only 30 x 92 mm².

i.MX28 Minimodule

_i.MX28 MinimoduleBased on the i.MX28 processor, the TQMa Minimodule is best suited for smart metering and for easy visualization and control applications. All the processor´s functional pins are on the module pl

i.MX35 Minimodule

_i.MX35 MinimoduleThe TQMa35 Minimodule, based on the Freescale i.MX35 processor, offers a balanced ratio between computing and graphic performance. All the processor’s functional pins are on the module plug-in connect

mobileGT MPC5200 Minimodule

_mobileGT MPC5200 MinimoduleThe embedded TQM5200 module is based on the Freescale MPC5200 Power Architecture. With up to six serial interfaces and 760 MIPS the MPC5200 can handle a wide range of applications.

mobileGT MPC5200S Minimodule

_mobileGT MPC5200S MinimoduleThe embedded module TQM5200S with the MPC5200B processor is available in a very tiny size - 60mm x 56mm compared to the usual 60mm x 80mm.

PowerQUICC I Minimodule

_PowerQUICC I MinimoduleThe TQM885D is equipped with the new Freescale Power Architecture MPC885 processor the most powerful member of the PowerQUICC I family.

PowerQUICC II MPC8315 Pro Minimodule

_PowerQUICC II MPC8315 Pro MinimoduleThe TQ Minimodule TQM8315 has many different uses and offers an excellent basis for fast and efficient networking with its highspeed interfaces.

PowerQUICC II MPC8360E Pro Minimodule

_PowerQUICC II MPC8360E Pro MinimoduleThe TQ mini module TQM8360 is the latest and most versatile member of the PowerQUICC II Pro module family and supports interfaces and protocols that are needed in typical applications such as DSL and

QorIQ 1020 Minimodule

_QorIQ 1020 MinimoduleThe TQ mini module TQM8360 is the latest and most versatile member of the PowerQUICC II Pro module family and supports almost all interfaces and protocols that are needed in typical applications these

QorIQ 2020 Minimodule

_QorIQ 2020 MinimoduleWith one or two e500 cores and a clock speed ranging from 400MHz to 2x1200MHz, the TQ module with its QorIQ™ processors offers an optimal balance between data processing speed and power dissipation.