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Digi International
Digi International is the leader in commercial grade device networking and is an innovator of wireless machine-to-machine (M2M) device networking products. Our embedded and non-embedded products are marketed under the Digi® and Rabbit® brands. Our embedded products include modules, microprocessors, single-board computers, satellite communications products, development kits, software, and design services through our subsidiary Spectrum Design Solutions. Non-embedded products include cellular routers, gateways, wireless communication adapters (ZigBee, Wi-Fi, proprietary RF), serial servers, intelligent console servers, USB connected products, remote display products, cameras, sensors and the #1 selling serial card line in the world. Making Wireless M2M Easy While the initial wave of Internet growth was focused on connecting people, first with personal computers and then with cell phones, PDAs and other related consumer devices, today’s focus is on M2M communications, or connecting devices and machines and automating the processes between them. Our Drop-In Networking solutions are designed to provide end-to-end wireless access to electronic devices in places where wires will not work or cannot be used, making it easy for customers to effectively “drop-in” a wireless M2M solution. When combined with our iDigi™ solution bundles and services, M2M deployments are easier, faster and more economical than ever for smart energy applications (smart metering, demand response, alternative energy, distribution automation), fleet management, remote device management and many more leading edge wireless M2M applications.

Digi Connect Wi-ME 80211b/g Integration Kit

_Digi Connect Wi-ME 80211b/g Integration KitDigi Connect Wi-ME Integration Kit - Includes module w/plug-and-play firmware, antenna, JumpStart Kit development board, documentation, Integration CD, cables and power supply