In business since 2004, Bluetechnix is well known for being a manufacturer of high quality" />

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Bluetechnix GmbH


In business since 2004, Bluetechnix is well known for being a manufacturer of high quality embedded systems. We deliver off-the-shelf products for development and integration into customer products as well as tailored solutions including but not limited to firmware and driver development. More than 20 developers continuously expand our broad product and service portfolio. Our R&D department is tightly connected to the Vienna University of Technology (TU Vienna), UAS Technikum Wien and the Austrian Academy of Science to incorporate the latest technological advancements in our applications. State of the art products, flexibility and personal support are the cornerstones of our long term success. Over 900 customers around the globe make Bluetechnix one of the market leaders in the area of ADSP Blackfin® Core Modules (SoM).

Products – Custom Embedded Systems

With its extensive experience and know-how in embedded system design that flows into our feature-rich System on Modules (SoM), Bluetechnix features a broad range of standard products. These systems are based on ARM SoCs (Cortex A8 / Cortex M3) as well as on Blackfin DSPs from Analog Devices. We offer development boards, SoMs and smart cameras for rapid development reducing costs and time to market significantly.

Solutions - Turn an idea into a product

Building on top of Bluetechnix’s own range of embedded hardware platforms, we develop customer specific embedded systems in a fast and efficient way. Bluetechnix offers a wide spectrum of service packages ranging from product specification - covering the whole development and optimization process - up to the certification and mass production of the final solution including product lifecycle management and long-term support.

Laboratories – EMC Certified Products

Bluetechnix’s accredited in-house EMC laboratory in Vienna offers various Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) services. We make sure that the customer hardware meets the desired requirements via consultation during the design phase involving measurements, optimization and certification.


_gnICE+ JTAGThe gnICE+ is a fast and low cost USB JTAG In-Circuit-Emulator for Blackfin processors. It’s designed to provide reliable JTAG debugging and CFI NOR Flash programming via USB. The gnICE+ JTAG Ad