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HCC Embedded
HCC has a unique position in the micro-controller market as a company focused on the development of software for embedded peripherals with no dependence on a single, proprietary operating system. Specializing in middleware for communications and storage, the company has become a leader in high value, reusable software components.

Every new software development at HCC conforms to a completely flexible and ‘future proof’ Advanced Embedded Framework (AEF). HCC believes that some of the foremost challenges in embedded development are in dealing with the complexity and incompatibility of peripherals and that legacy software should not be constrained by a single RTOS or processor eco-system. All of HCC’s software components are developed as completely target independent modules, meaning they are independent of RTOS, MCU, hardware, compiler, endianess or toolchain. HCC customers can easily switch RTOS, compiler or MCU in any future project whilst using the same reliable peripheral software.

HCC’s Advanced Embedded Framework (AEF) is a powerful resource for managing complex project developments, as well as post-development maintenance of such projects. AEF makes your system future-proof because it facilitates replacement and reorganization of the software components of the system. Old components can be removed easily, and new components – an RTOS, a USB stack, a class driver, a file system, a flash driver – just snap into an existing configuration.

eTaskSync Verifiable Scheduler

_eTaskSync Verifiable SchedulereTaskSync is a no compromise, MISRA-compliant, verifiable scheduler used for running tasks in an embedded system. It provides the essential functions of an embedded kernel: tasks, events and mutexes u

Fail-safe Bootloader

_Fail-safe BootloaderOptimized Embedded Bootloaders: HCC supply high performance, truly fail-safe bootloaders which can boot from Flash, USB or serial interfaces. There is also an AES encryption option for secure data tra

Fail-safe File Systems

_Fail-safe File SystemsHCC provides a range of advanced file systems optimised for any MCU and storage media.

Fail-safe Flash Translation Layer

_Fail-safe Flash Translation LayerThere are many NAND and NOR Flash memory devices, interfaces and technologies that developers can choose. Integrating them reliably and achieving the maximum potential life and high performance presen

MISRA Compliant TCP/IPv4 & IPv6

_MISRA Compliant TCP/IPv4 & IPv6MISRA Compliant TCP/IP: efficient, embedded stack developed using a verifiable, MISRA compliant process. HCC’s TCP/IP stack brings new levels of performance, quality and reliability to the embedded ne

Smart-meter File System

_Smart-meter File SystemSmart-meter systems must meet significant technical challenges in order to lower manufacturing cost, power consumption and achieve high reliability. HCC has developed an advanced Smart-meter File Syst

USB Device, Host and OTG

_USB Device, Host and OTGUSB Host, Device & OTG: USB stacks from HCC are mature, widely used stacks that can support almost any desired USB configuration. The USB suite includes solutions not only for common functions like HI

Verifiable SSL/TLS

_Verifiable SSL/TLSHCC’s TLS/SSL is a highly optimized software module designed to provide secure network communications for embedded devices. The software is developed using a rigorous adherence to MISRA C:2004 and is