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HCC Embedded
HCC has a unique position in the micro-controller market as a company focused on the development of software for embedded peripherals with no dependence on a single, proprietary operating system. Specializing in middleware for communications and storage, the company has become a leader in high value, reusable software components.

Every new software development at HCC conforms to a completely flexible and ‘future proof’ Advanced Embedded Framework (AEF). HCC believes that some of the foremost challenges in embedded development are in dealing with the complexity and incompatibility of peripherals and that legacy software should not be constrained by a single RTOS or processor eco-system. All of HCC’s software components are developed as completely target independent modules, meaning they are independent of RTOS, MCU, hardware, compiler, endianess or toolchain. HCC customers can easily switch RTOS, compiler or MCU in any future project whilst using the same reliable peripheral software.

HCC’s Advanced Embedded Framework (AEF) is a powerful resource for managing complex project developments, as well as post-development maintenance of such projects. AEF makes your system future-proof because it facilitates replacement and reorganization of the software components of the system. Old components can be removed easily, and new components – an RTOS, a USB stack, a class driver, a file system, a flash driver – just snap into an existing configuration.


Stacks/Protocols/File systems


_EUSBDThe EUSBD™ (Embedded USB) device stack has been designed by HCC’s embedded system engineers to provide the most efficient USB device solutions. EUSBD-BS (the EUSB Base System) provides a U


_EUSBHHCC´s EUSBH (Embedded USB Host Stack) is a full-featured host stack designed for embedded applications.


_FATFAT is a high-performance, full-featured, FAT12/16/32-based, DOS-compatible file system designed for embedded applications.


_FTLFTL is a standard flash translation layer that allows an array of NAND flash to be addressed as a set of standard 512Byte, 2K or 4K logical sectors.


_SAFE-FATHigh-performance, failsafe FAT12/16/32 file system.  SAFE-FAT is a journaling system.  It guarantees that all operations will be carried out in a failsafe manner.


_SAFEFLASHHigh-performance, failsafe flash file system.  Provides wear leveling, bad block management.


_THINTHIN is a highly optimized, reduced footprint version of our highly successful FAT system. This DOS compatible file system is designed for configurations with limited resources. It works well with the


_TINYTINY is a failsafe flash file system designed for minimal environments.  It can be used with any flash device with small erasable sectors. It is ideal for most standard serial flash parts, as wel