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HCC-Embedded is the foremost vendor of storage and communication solutions for embedded systems. The company’s suite of file systems covers the entire range of embedded applications, from the smallest to the largest. With HCC-Embedded, one size does not fit all; developers can choose a file system that´s right for their applications.   

All of HCC’s products are designed and tested to the highest standards, in order to maximize performance, reliability and portability. HCC-Embedded, as an independent company that serves the entire embedded community, has paid special attention to portability issues. With HCC products, it’s possible to use virtually any RTOS, or a home-brew operating system, or a non-RTOS operating system, or no operating system at all.  

To support this approach, and for other compelling reasons, all HCC-Embedded products are distributed in full source form.  

In addition to HCC’s software product business, the company provides software and system design and development services for both hardware and software, from concept through to low volume production. Our team of experienced development engineers is always available and we take pride in helping customers to achieve real results, by getting reliable products to market rapidly and cost-effectively.

Stacks/Protocols/File systems


_EUSBDThe EUSBD™ (Embedded USB) device stack has been designed by HCC’s embedded system engineers to provide the most efficient USB device solutions. EUSBD-BS (the EUSB Base System) provides a U


_EUSBHHCC´s EUSBH (Embedded USB Host Stack) is a full-featured host stack designed for embedded applications.


_FATFAT is a high-performance, full-featured, FAT12/16/32-based, DOS-compatible file system designed for embedded applications.


_FTLFTL is a standard flash translation layer that allows an array of NAND flash to be addressed as a set of standard 512Byte, 2K or 4K logical sectors.


_SAFE-FATHigh-performance, failsafe FAT12/16/32 file system.  SAFE-FAT is a journaling system.  It guarantees that all operations will be carried out in a failsafe manner.


_SAFEFLASHHigh-performance, failsafe flash file system.  Provides wear leveling, bad block management.


_THINTHIN is a highly optimized, reduced footprint version of our highly successful FAT system. This DOS compatible file system is designed for configurations with limited resources. It works well with the


_TINYTINY is a failsafe flash file system designed for minimal environments.  It can be used with any flash device with small erasable sectors. It is ideal for most standard serial flash parts, as wel