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Micrium is a global RTOS leader and a top choice of embedded engineers building microprocessor, microcontroller, and DSP-based devices. Whether used for safety critical applications, or simply to "talk" to another embedded device, Micrium´s commercial RTOS modules are increasingly the preferred solution when compared with both open source and competitive alternatives.

Micrium´s µC/OS-II and µC/OS-III kernels are designed to meet the most rigorous standards and are based on strict coding standards, code reviews, and clear and concise documentation. Micrium´s kernels and complete RTOS solutions are used in a myriad of military, aerospace, medical, nuclear, transportation, and automotive applications.

Micrium RTOS components include µC/TCP-IP, µC/File System, µC/USB, µC/GUI, µC/MMU, µC/CAN, µC/Modbus, and its offerings are rapidly expanding.


Articles and White Papers   

Debugging your Embedded Design with a Graphical Live Watch

This article describes the benefits of using IAR Embedded Workbench® and Micriµm’s µC/Probe to test and validate an embedded design. It explains why embedded software developers interested in predicting with confidence that their embedded designs will work as expected when deployed, should keep µC/Probe in their toolbox.

Debuggers / Simulators

Development Kits etc.

Operating Systems

Stacks/Protocols/File systems


_uC/ProbeIf you´re in search of a unique, cost-effective means of enhancing your next project, then µC/Probe, Micriµm´s award-winning visualization tool, is definitel