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Arium, formerly known as American Arium, has been a leading global supplier of JTAG in-circuit emulators and debuggers for embedded system development and the personal computing industry for over 25 years.
Our products are designed to make the developer’s job easier, and we take great care in developing hardware and software that is easy for the user to set up and configure to speed their development time.
Our tight integration of hardware and software for emulation lends itself to a robust debugging environment, helping to minimize the challenges associated with debugging code.

Arium's SourcePoint Debugger

_Arium's SourcePoint DebuggerThe complexity of embedded software projects today is growing at an astounding rate. To handle these demands, American Arium offers a number of hardware-assisted debug solutions.
Articles and White Papers   

Using Trace For Program Debug on ARM® CortexTM Processors

Using the new i.MX6 from Freescale, with a sixteen kilobyte Embedded Trace Buffer (ETB) as an example, this article also demonstrates that there is an inexpensive and convenient way for software developers to use trace and take advantage of the extensive features developed for Trace Port Analyzers.