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Smart thermostats are a cool addition to the connected home
By Sean Murphy, End equipment manager Sitara™ ARM® processors Texas Instruments

Accessing the local network in a home and any device connected to it has become as simple as tapping into the Internet via the wide area cellular network with a smartphone or tablet. With this base level of infrastructure in place, residents are turning to connected home systems for two simple reasons: save time and money. The timesaving appliances and home automation systems that make up a connected home accelerate the time-to-enjoyment for the people living there. MORE [pdf]


Looking to communicate wirelessly based on ZigBee®? Anaren Integrated Radio (AIR) modules make it easy!

Based on Texas Instruments’ CC2530, AIR module A2530E24Axx simplifies wireless for ZigBee applications. Our unique firmware approach runs TI's Z-Stack, has a simple API, and includes 30+ code examples to save development time. On the hardware side, count on AIR's tiny footprint, choice of antenna approaches, and time-saving pre-certification to applicable standards. We also offer a BoosterPack kit to develop your application using TI’s LaunchPad development kits for MSP430 or Stellaris MCUs. MORE

LIN Slave Node Design for Wireless Applications
By Darius Rydahl of Atmel Inc.
As in-vehicle networking is becomes more prevalent in today’s vehicles the network complexity grows and so does the wiring and cost associated with each subsequent network. A more simplified approach must be implemented in order to achieve the networking functionality required without ‘breaking the bank’. One approach that has gained popularity is the Local Interconnection Network (LIN). Read More [pdf] 5MB


NXP Launches World’s Smallest Combo Chip for Automotive Keyless Entry Systems
NXP Semiconductors announced the NCF2960 – the world’s smallest combo chip solution for automotive keyless entry with immobilizer functions. The compact solution uniquely integrates a security transponder, micro RISC kernel, and multi-channel radio transmitter in a single package. Read More


Reducing Crosstalk in Directpath™ Headphone Amplifiers
By AV Vipin of TI
Crosstalk is a common issue faced when using a stereo Directpath™ headphone amplifier. Using a simple headphone speaker this artifact may not be audible, but if an external amplifier with large gains is used, crosstalk might become audible. This application report talks about the design time considerations for reducing the cross talk. The measurement can be skewed if using the wrong headset during tests. Read More [pdf]


Integrated Smart Radio: An easy and fast connection to the Grid
By Cyril Zarader Freescale
To enable the smart management of power monitoring and distribution, flow of communications within a smart grid at a nationwide or region-wide level requires connection of various types of equipment together, with point-to-point distances between a few metres to a few thousand metres, and must always comply with local communications regulation. Read More [pdf]


Atmel AVR2130: Lightweight Mesh Developer Guide
By Atmel
Lightweight Mesh was designed to address the needs of a wide range of wireless connectivity applications. This document describes the specification for Lightweight Mesh – the easy to use proprietary low power wireless mesh network protocol from Atmel. This document can be considered a full and complete specification of the protocol and related APIs. Read More [pdf]


Sub-1GHz Smart Radio Development Kit from Freescale

This kit is part of the Freescale Tower System, and provides the ideal platform to develop a variety of applications where simple and robust wireless connectivity is needed. They enable fast, cost-effective wireless network development, with the necessary hardware, software, tools and demo applications to streamline the development process.
Buy Now

Circuit Design - 2.4 GHz transceiver

STD-502-R 2.4 GHz transceiver uses direct sequence spread spectrum (DSSS) modulation and a true diversity circuit, enabling reliable communications even in the congested 2.4 GHz band.The STD-502-R complies with the European ETSI EN300440, U.S. FCC Part 15.247 standards and Japanese ARIB STD-T66 standard. Order Now

OEM USB Wireless LAN Starter kit from connectBlue

This starter kit includes a wireless LAN UART Serial Port Module 451 with UART interface and fully embedded TCP/IP stack and driver. It is developed for reliable, high demanding industrial devices and applications providing state of the art low power features and dual-band support for both 2.4GHz and 5GHz radio bands. More Details

World's first 169 MHz 500mW Wireless M-Bus N-Mode RF Module from Radiocrafts

Radiocrafts was first in the market with a family of miniature RF-modules with embedded wireless M-Bus protocol. Now they have expanded their portfolio with world's first 169 MHz 500mW RF module with exeptional range performance and unique features for battery operated gas- and water meters. More Details

TI PurePath Wireless Development Kit

This development kit will let the user fully evaluate PurePath Wireless technology and the CC8520 for wireless audio applications. Audio interfaces with the kit include S/PDIF optical + coax input/output, line input/output, headphone output and microphone input. Buy Now

Atmel RZ600 Transceiver Evaluation Kit

This FCC-certified kit contains evaluation boards for Atmel AT86RF212 and the AT86RF23x families of RF transceivers, which cover the regional 700/800/900MHz and worldwide 2.4GHz ISM bands for use with the STK600. Buy Now

Microchip Wi-Fi Comm Demo Board

This is a compact development platform for customers to evaluate Microchip’s Wi-Fi product offering. The demo board comes with onboard MRF24WB0MA Wi-Fi module which is FCC/IC/ETSI certified along with a PIC32 MCU. Buy Now

RFM ZigBee Pro Development Kit

The ZPM3570 module is unsurpassed in providing a complete ZigBee PRO solution, with on-module chip antenna, and 1MB flash in such a small footprint (0.63 square inches).
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