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Press and Hot ArticlesJuly 2015


DC/DC Book of Knowledge: Chapter 2 Feedback Loops

RECOM's DC/DC Book of Knowledge is a detailed introduction to the various DC/DC converter topologies, feedback loops (analogue and digital), test and measurement, protection, filtering, safety, reliability, constant current drivers and DC/DC applications. The level is necessarily technical, but readable for engineers, designers and students. Read More


New Durable AC Motor Run Capacitors with Locking Terminals Speed Install

QPC Capacitors are quick to install, durable & reliable. Exclusive push-wire contact locks eliminate soldering & save installation time, compared to conventionally terminated devices. Just push & lock wire in place. Slide a probe tip into a release port to unlock. Values: 0.4 to 10µF; 250 to 450VAC, 50/60Hz. Removable metal mounting bracket also speeds assembly.
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Top Products
Omron Human Vision

Miniature High Voltage DC-DC Converters from Pico Electronics

To 500VDC Out, High Power to 50 Watts. New Hi QP Input Voltage available with 125-475VDC In. Standard Input Ranges: 5/12/24/48 & 125 - 475 VDC. Regulated/Isolated. Miniature Size: 2.5" x 1.55" x 0.50". Proudly made in the USA. Buy Now

Pico Mini

Smallest AC-DC power modules have big design/performance benefits

No other PS has the size, features and low-noise benefits of the Bias BP Series! Universal Input, virtually no EMI/RFI and no current limit! UL recognized/FCC Compliant: Part 15/EN55022 Class B EMI/RFI. Place next to RF modules without noise! 0.5 - 4 watt models. Learn More or call 847.419.9118


Power Integrations' New LYTSwitch-2 Family of Isolated LED-Driver ICs - More Output Power and Great Accuracy

Power Integrations' new LYTSwitch-2 LED drivers facilitate repeatable driver performance and reduced component count, with up to 12 watts of accurately controlled output power for bulb, tube and ballast applications. LYTSwitch- 2 devices deliver constant current and constant voltage output (CC/CV), achieving CC output regulation of +/-3% in a typical design. Buy Now

Watch this quick video on Power Integrations LYTSwitch -2, click here to Watch.


A New Way to Power the World: Innovative Power Technology from Semitrex

Energy awareness is at an all-time high. As the demand for energy increases, the supply seems to be dwindling, causing restrictions at the government level to be enacted. The Department of Energy has issued a new LEVEL VI energy efficiency requirement in effect in 2016, stating that a minimum of 70 percent efficiency must be achieved. Read More

Supercap (EDLC) Cell Balancer IC

Even before the basis of electricity was fully understood, storage devices were fashioned to store charge for use at a later point. While the first electrochemical battery was developed at the turn of the 19th century, the first recognized capacitor was invented over fifty years earlier in 1745. The Leyden jar operated on the exact same principles as modern capacitors, with two electrodes physically separated by a dielectric. Read More

Easy Steps for Detecting Permanent Shorts
in a HS-CAN Bus

Within the automotive world, the dominant communications standard for microcontrollers and electronics is the Controller Area Network (CAN bus), a robust communications protocol that does not rely on central management. Due to the hostile environment of most vehicles and their engine compartments, CAN protocols are designed to overcome as many electromagnetic and physical faults as possible, functioning even when communication lines are shorted. Read More

Pushing Things to the Limit? Asymmetric IGBT Modules for Smooth Switching

In order to move to renewable sources of energy like wind and solar, we need powerful inverters. IGBTs are the key components here. They also play an important role when it comes to power electronics, such as controls for electric motors, where IGBTs (Isolated Gate Bipolar Transistors) have become indispensable. Read More

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