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MG Series Isolated DC/DC converter with 10 Year Warranty

Today, board space is at a premium, creating a need for small, highly reliable components. The Cosel MG Series is a new generation of DC/DC converters that combines high reliability and long life, with an industry standard 1X1 or 1X2 form factor. These 15 and 30 Watt converters offer high power density and efficiency of up to 92%. The MG series is 30 to 40% smaller than the last generation, reducing the space required on the PCB. In addition the Cosel MG Series has 6 sided shielding. This means that valuable PCB space under the MG series can be used and no additional shielding is required. More


PI33XX Picor Cool-Power® ZVS Buck Regulators

We are introducing 14 new products to our ZVS buck regulator product line for high efficiency point of load DC-DC regulation. This extension includes higher current devices and optional I2C fault telemetry and programmability. The PI33XX products are designed to convert 8V to 36V inputs to high current, low voltage point of load system rails, and deliver class-leading performance with advanced power management functions.
More information and a special evaluation boards offer

Is There a Harmonized ENERGY STAR Lighting Program Specification on the Horizon?
By Mr Green, Power Integrations
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released its Draft 2 of a program specification aimed at combining the individual specs for LED and CFL light bulbs (lamps). Can this ambitious project succeed at producing a technology-neutral specification for a wide range of general lighting lamps, including directional, omnidirectional, semi-directional, and decorative lamp types? Read More

Demo: Power Integrations CAPZero

Demo: Power Integrations LYTSwitch™


MuRata 3 x 5 AC-DC 250W and 400W Power Supplies with Medical Approvals

Murata Power Solutions MVAC series accommodate AC input voltage range 90 to 264 VAC with active power factor correction and active inrush control. Output voltages:12, 24 or 50 VDC. Efficiency rating 94% typical. Comply withUL60601-1 3rd edition; IEC60950/UL60950 safety spec; EN55022 standard for conducted emissions. MORE

Bias Power Inc.10 Watt LED Drivers

Bias BPWXL series are isolated, constant-current ac-dc power supply modules for powering strings of LEDs for light engine applications. Buy Now

Phihong Power Supply for General Lighting

Phihong’s LED drivers are the latest development in energy efficient lighting power supply designs. Outdoor applications with IP65 Ratings include street lighting, flood lighting, wash, spot, parking and walkway lighting as well as traffic signals and automotive. MORE

Illinois Capacitor Newest Snap Mount Electrolytics Last up to 20 Years!

LMX electrolytic capacitors offer ultra-long life with a wide range of values, from 0.47 to 1,800µF. Rated at 5,000 hrs @ +105°C or 20 years of typical use @ +20°C. With up to 450WVDC ratings, these capacitors are well suited for high-performance circuits requiring long-life. The -25°to +105°C operating temperature provides an added margin for harsh environments. MORE

WEBENCH Designer tools are powerful software algorithms and visual interfaces that deliver complete power, lighting, and sensing applications in seconds. This enables the user to make value based comparisons at a system and supply chain level before a design is committed. This expert analysis is not possible anywhere else. Click on the tool below to activate.
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