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Freescale Designing a Working Prototype using MQX™ RTOS and Tower System for Kinetis

Designing a Microcontroller-based system can consume a significant amount of time and resources. Hardware and software must be quickly and carefully developed to avoid problems that can delay time to market. Fortunately, Freescale provides software and hardware tools that accelerate development time and allow for fast prototyping. The ability to quickly prototype a system can lower the overall project risk and increase the likelihood of a successful product. More [pdf]


Xilinx - Delivering a Generation Ahead at 28nm

Xilinx SoCs represent the first hardware, software, and I/O programmable SoCs in the world. Through the integration of CPU, DSP, logic, and mainstream Analog Mixed Signal (AMS), Xilinx provides an extra generation of system performance, integration, and lower power. Xilinx is delivering a generation ahead in 3 areas:

Portfolio: All Programmable FPGAs, SoCs, and 3D ICs available today. Product: An extra node of performance, power and integration Productivity: Unmatched time to integration and implementation. Learn More

Two Cores, Ten Experts
In a unique experiment, ten industry experts shake out and design applications using the new NXP LPC4350 dual-core ARM® CortexTM-M4 and Cortex-M0 Processors. Here are two of them for your review:

Real-time acoustic FIR filter suite using the LPC4350
By Steve Sabram
This example project implements acoustic range, finite infinite response (FIR) filters using the LPC4350 demo board and the ARM CMSIS DSP library. And for mobile DSP solutions this combination could challenge dedicated DSP integrated circuit hardware on cost and performance. Read More


Testing performance of SPIFI interface and selected DSP library functions
By George Romaniuk
The SPI interface has the lowest pin count, but handling the data transfers between the SPI port and the application requires a lot of code and the latency may be a problem for some control applications. I was hoping to find a quad SPI interface and an intelligent SPI controller with FIFO and DMA but I couldn’t find such thing until I got NXP slides showing the LPC4350. Read More


Atmel - Next-Generation IDE: Maximizing IP Reuse Integrating ARM and AVR Design
The integrated development environment (IDE) has gradually changed the face of software development over the past couple of decades. Providing a single environment for writing code, debugging and deploying code to the target, the IDE has made development teams more productive than ever. For many embedded systems developers, however, there remains a gap that impacts the design cycle. Read More [pdf]



Marvell Armada Quad Core Development Kit and SOM from Cogent

Based on the 1.33Ghz Quad Core MV78460 Microprocessor from Marvell. This SOM delivers a whopping 2GByte protected Memory, 8MB of High Reliability and is absolutely ideal for high performance Multi-Gigabit Networking applications. Available Now

Express Logic – All you need to power your product

Download a Free trial of the ThreadX RTOS

Evaluation Board for the Infineon XMC4000

The XMC4500 HiLight board is compatible with the Infineon Hexagon Evaluation Board concept and provides signal interfaces to the Hexagon Satellite HMI and the Motor Control board. Buy Now

NXP LPC 4350 (Cortex-M4) Evaluation Kit

The board has 65MB SDRAM, 32MB parallel flash and 512kB SRAM and a serial EEPROM. A JTAG debugging interface is available as well as a 20-pin Cortex debug connector with ETM. Buy Now

QorIQ 2020 Minimodule from TQ

With one or two e500 cores and a clock speed ranging from 400MHz to 2x1200MHz, this TQ module offers an optimal balance between data processing speed and power dissipation. Order Now

Zynq™-7000 SoC ZC706 Eval. Kit from Xilinx

This kit includes all the basic components of hardware, design tools, IP, and pre-verified reference designs including a targeted design, enabling complete embedded processing platform and transceiver based designs including PCIe®. Buy Now


Texas Instruments TI’s new enterprise tablet reference design with total BOM of less than $70 optimized for application specific designs

Electronic Tablet Reference Design features customizable hardware and software that developers can utilize to get to market in as little as three months. It’s ideal for customers requiring flexible, low-cost reference designs for specific applications such as bar code scanning, biometrics and multiple card readers. The highly-integrated offering extends TI’s commitment of innovation to fast-growing industries such as industrial, healthcare, retail, home and building automation, and more. Order Now

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