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Featured Articles and NewsJuly 2015

Engineers ask the tough questions. Engineers have the right answers.

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Accelerating Code Development to Meet the Challenge of IoT Embedded Design

Now that more and more engineers are developing the embedded code that control Internet of Things (IoT) products, teams are under increased pressure to create better software in less time--driven by the more frequent release cycles, higher costs and shorter delivery dates associated with the fiercely competitive global IoT market.
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How to debug FreeRTOS applications

FreeRTOS is one of the most popular real-time operating systems. Debugging an RTOS-based embedded application without proper tool support can be a big challenge. The RTOS contains a number of objects that needs to be inspected during debugging including Tasks, Queue, Semaphores, and Timer. Learn how to easily inspect the status of these objects during debugging. Read More

Software Security: Essential for Today's Connected Cars

The car of a consumer's dreams comes with more than 20-inch chrome wheels, a convertible top and seats covered in what Ricardo Montalban once described as "Corinthian Leather". This dream car also will have hundreds of onboard sensors, more than fifty separate electronic control units (ECUs), about 100 million lines of code and, now, internet connectivity.
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Top Products

Intel Atom E3800 (Bay Trail) Embedded Processor Module

This Intel Atom module is a COM Express (Type 10) form factor and is designed for rugged environments where low power, extended temperature and high speed communications are essential. Quad, dual or single core are available with up to 8GB of DDR3L and power consumption as low as 3W. Peripherals include Gigabit Ethernet, USB 3.0 2x SATA and 3x PCIe. Display interfaces. Robust design and long term availability. Buy Now

ARM development tools -- see what you've been missing

When free tools aren't enough, Atollic TrueSTUDIO development tools for ARM offer the powerful and cost-effective combination of Eclipse/GCC/GDB tools with a vast array of advanced, time-saving features, getting started wizards and full support. Advanced debug with trace and code inspection tools are standard. Learn More

Power Integrations' New LYTSwitch-2 Family of Isolated LED-Driver ICs - More Output Power and Great Accuracy

Power Integrations' new LYTSwitch-2 LED drivers facilitate repeatable driver performance and reduced component count, with up to 12 watts of accurately controlled output power for bulb, tube and ballast applications. LYTSwitch- 2 devices deliver constant current and constant voltage output (CC/CV), achieving CC output regulation of +/-3% in a typical design. Learn More

Watch this quick video on Power Integrations LYTSwitch -2, click here to Watch.

Industry Artices

Nevermind the IoT... Here Comes the Third Wave

The Economist describes the current state of the Internet of Things (IoT) as a "quiet revolution" that is impacting both product and service firms across all sector of the economy. Moving from early experiments and proof of concepts to widespread deployment will be harder, messier, and will have a profound impact on every aspect of business. What we are witnessing is the birth of a new era of technology -- the third wave of computing -- that is transforming our world. Read More (pdf)

If you don't plan to scale, you plan to fail

Microcontrollers are at the heart of over a billion intelligent devices in the world. If you are working on developing a microcontroller-based product, you most likely want to ensure your system is future-proof. This helps minimize incremental redesign efforts and shifts focus towards innovation. In order to achieve success in this effort, it is important to understand emerging trends in embedded electronics, and select the correct products for your design today. Read More (pdf)

What is Sensor Data Analytics?

Data analytics is the science of examining raw data with the purpose of uncovering insights and drawing conclusions. Businesses have applied data analytics to a consumer's purchasing history, website browsing pattern, reading list, and movie preferences to better understand consumers' needs and sharpen companies' targeting efforts. As the industry continues to advance, analytics can and should be applied to raw sensor data, commonly referred to as Sensor Data Analytics. Read More

Right-Sizing M2M Security: The Best Security is Security Tailored to Your Application

What should enterprises using M2M and OEMs developing M2M solutions be doing right now to protect their applications? The obvious answer may seem to be "everything they can." In practice, however, the goal for an M2M application should not be to provide the "most" security - it should be to provide the right level of security for that specific device and application. Read More (pdf)

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