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A Tale of Two Layerscapes

There are really two layerscapes- one is a software-based program and the other is an applications processor. One layerscape requires high-speed networking and communications technology to perform, and the other was designed to provide high-speed networking and communications for similar data-intensive applications.

Accelerating Code Development to Meet the Challenge of IoT Embedded Design

Now that more and more engineers are developing the embedded code that control Internet of Things (IoT) products, teams are under increased pressure to create better software in less time-- driven by the more frequent release cycles, higher costs and shorter delivery dates associated with the fiercely competitive global IoT market.

Software Security: Essential for Today's Connected Cars

Today's dream car will have hundreds of onboard sensors, more than fifty separate electronic control units (ECUs), about 100 million lines of code and, now, internet connectivity. All of this complexity is designed to not only optimize the performance of the engine, transmission, brakes, and steering, but also to enhance convenience and comfort. The flip side to this added functionality, however, is that connectivity opens the vehicle to new security concerns.

Designing with the Things in the Internet of Things

Reports predict that the resurgence of microcontroller sales in the coming years will be with MCUs that will potentially connect within the Internet of Things (IoT) and that the field is split between 8-bit and 32-bit devices. Wearables or smart homes might only require 8-bit MCUs, but once a gateway enters the picture, the application is sure to fall into the 32-bit MCU space.

Tap Tap Tech- The Internet of Things

The IoT has become a hot topic because it embodies the future that everyone always dreamed of. Yet, there are quite a few challenges to overcome. From a technical point of view, security is paramount, as many IoT products track very personal information. Also, you have all these devices trying to talk to each other but as of now, there are no real standards and communications are infrequently incompatible.

IC Packages: Not Just for Christmas

When they look at an integrated circuit, most people do not realize that what they are looking at is simply the package that encapsulates the actual IC or “the brains.” Integrated circuit packaging is something that happens to parts before they ever leave the manufacturing facility meaning that most designers and engineers never see the raw IC itself.

Debugging Interrupts and Exceptions in ARM Cortex-M

Any Cortex-M developer has likely struggled with getting interrupts to work and then debug them. Interrupts and exceptions are by definition asynchronous to the execution flow of your application software and it can be very difficult to visualize interrupt behavior, and debug the same. The author describes new techniques for analyzing interrupt behavior in a running system.

PCB Finishes

There are many parts of a circuit board but the finish of a board - is the interface between the board and the components that make the board function as desired. To the untrained eye, there is not much variation in how different finishes look or perform on a circuit board, but, with time and experience, subtle and not-so-subtle differences emerge.

Get to Know the ARM Cortex-M7

Web Seminar Live on August 8, 2015 (8:00 AM US/PDT, 11:00 AM US/EDT) - Are you looking for more processing power and enhanced DSP capabilities? This webinar will provide a family comparison and details of the ARM Cortex-M7. Use cases will show how to meet your computation power requirements and introduce the available solutions from ARM partners. Register Now

Strategies to Develop Secure and Robust Embedded Devices

On-Demand:  In this webinar, learn a pragmatic approach to configuring a heterogeneous multicore ARM device built with ARM TrustZone technology and trade-offs of various implementations. Watch Now

Learn how to get the lowest power from microcontrollers with EnergyTrace technology

On-Demand:  MSP Microcontrollers are the Industry’s lowest power microcontrollers and this webinar provides you an overview of how EnergyTrace++™ technology supports engineers using MSP430FR59xx/MSP430FR69xx, FRAM based MSP product families to lower their system power. Learn how EnergyTrace Technology integrates together in a single IDE environment with EnergyTrace 2.0. Watch Now

Infineon's Solutions for Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) Systems

On-Demand:  Watch this webinar and learn about UPS systems - their high importance in a world facing increased demand for data storage to guarantee excellent power management and power conditions. See how Infineon achieves the highest robustness, scalability and energy efficiency and get trained on how to select the right power, security components and processors. Register & Watch Now

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