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Articles & Papers

Embedded Developer Magazine - March 2015

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Smart home devices have security flaws

Consumers are more on-guard than ever before when it comes to ensuring the security of their personal information from cyber criminals. Validating the cause for such concerns is a new report from Synack that highlights the ease in which malicious hackers can access a majority of smart home devices on the market today.

Good PCB Schematics Lead to Good PCB Layouts

An electronic schematic describes the electrical connectivity of a piece of equipment or an entire system. It is made up of symbols that represent individual components and contains electrical and mechanical information. The more accurate the information and the clearer it is presented, the more it contributes to a robust printed circuit board.

32-bit MCUs Penetrate IoT Ecosystem

The 32-bit MCU has a key function in the IoT pyramid: It provides the data throughput, reading sensors and sending real-time sensor data over an IP-based network. The 32-bit architecture allows designers to put low-power connectivity next to it and communicate directly to the Wi-Fi access point or GSM modem. 

PCB CAD Software

PCB CAD Software comes in a wide variety of technologies, level of control and cost. A printed circuit board (PCB) designer will, at some point, be in a position where they have to make a decision on the PCB CAD software for use at work. The designer will need to know their budget and level of technology needed to perform 90% of the work.

IC Packages: Not Just for Christmas

When they look at an integrated circuit, most people do not realize that what they are looking at is simply the package that encapsulates the actual IC or “the brains.” Integrated circuit packaging is something that happens to parts before they ever leave the manufacturing facility meaning that most designers and engineers never see the raw IC itself.

Debugging Interrupts and Exceptions in ARM Cortex-M

Any Cortex-M developer has likely struggled with getting interrupts to work and then debug them. Interrupts and exceptions are by definition asynchronous to the execution flow of your application software and it can be very difficult to visualize interrupt behavior, and debug the same. The author describes new techniques for analyzing interrupt behavior in a running system.

PCB Finishes

There are many parts of a circuit board but the finish of a board - is the interface between the board and the components that make the board function as desired. To the untrained eye, there is not much variation in how different finishes look or perform on a circuit board, but, with time and experience, subtle and not-so-subtle differences emerge.

How AGE affects the embedded industry and your next project

The embedded industry is rapidly moving to standardization on hardware architecture and tools. AGE is an acronym for this rapid shift to ARM, GNU compiler, and the Eclipse IDE. The author explains why this is happening and how this affects you.

Reflow Soldering – Better than Easy-Bake

Desktop or even home-made reflow ovens are becoming much more common in the tech world for both DIYers and small start-ups. The overall concept of reflow soldering is simple: put a pre-assembled board with some solder paste into an oven and bake it until the solder properly melts. As is true with many things in life, the actual application is a bit more complicated.

Connect your embedded device to the IoT through a Bluetooth Smart mobile device

With Anaren’s new Broadcom-based AIR for WICED Bluetooth Smart modules (A20737x), it’s easier than ever to ‘go wireless’ – by connecting your embedded device to a Bluetooth Smart enabled mobile device. Tiny, globally pre-certified, and ready to surface-mount in your embedded circuit – they’re supported by our low-cost development kit and Anaren Atmosphere developer platform.

Static Code Analysis - IAR Systems

Webinar Live on May 26, 2015 (9:00 AM PDT & 9:00 AM CEST)  - The static analysis tool C-STAT is completely integrated into IAR Embedded Workbench. C-STAT helps improve code quality as well as improve aligment with standards such as MISRA C:2012. Join IAR's webinar to learn more about C-STAT's functionality. Register Now

Elektor Academy - Fun with NFC

Webinar Live on May 28, 2015 (10:00 AM EDT)  - This webinar shows how easy it is to create a contactless connection between your own circuits and your smartphone. Practically every modern smartphone has an NFC interface which allows it, for example, to read RFID tags or exchange data with another NFC device. The built-in tag IC lets you read and write data using simple commands over a serial interface, with the help of an ATmega328 acting as the bridge. Register Now

Developing IoT Sensor applications with TI's new Sensor Tag

On-Demand: TI recently launched the SimpleLink™ Bluetooth Smart®/Multi-Standard SensorTag, a low-cost IoT development kit that lets you connect sensors to the cloud in 3 minutes. View this webinar to learn how to use the SensorTag to prototype web enabled sensor applications using cloud enabled tools. Register Now

Connected Products: How should the IoT impact your product strategy?

On-Demand: Products are getting smarter and more connected every day. Software and sensors are being embedded in everything from your thermostat to your lawnmower, driving unprecedented innovation. But how do you bring together product development projects with IT infastructure projects to ensure your company is able to attain the coveted first-mover advantage? Register Now

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