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Three things to know about functional safety

#1 ADAS is fueling the need for functional safety

#2 ISO 26262 defines how functional safety is handled

#3 NXP is leading the industry towards zero accidents

Accelerating BLUETOOTH LOW ENERGY Development

There’s a mad rush in the consumer electronics space to capture customers mindshare by being first-to-market with the next-generation IoT products. The need of the hour is to conceptualize new IoT products with differentiating features, and more importantly, deploy them to market quickly.

A Diverse Set of Applications Shows the Versatility of the 60 GHz Band

The potential of the license-free 60 GHz band has long been recognized. The challenge has been in the development of the semiconductor and packaging technology that can exploit these characteristics and enable new, large markets

Radio Links for Driverless Cars

The evolution of radio links for autonomous vehicles has been variable. Specifications such as the Digital Short-Range Communications (DSRC) at 5.9 GHz started out as vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) systems for tolls, and have moved to adopt other infrastructure applications such as providing information on speed limits so that cameras are not required to detect road signs. However, the frequency band allocations have varied around the world and not having widespread V2I infrastructure has limited the use of the radio technology for autonomous operation.

Hypervisor Part 1- What is a Hypervisor and How Does it Work?

A hypervisor allows multiple operating systems to share a CPU (or CPUs, in the case of multicore). While the basis of the technology is half a century old, the applications to embedded systems are new. In this whitepaper, we examine the underlying technology for, and some implementation details of, hypervisors specifically tailored for embedded systems.

Which Bluetooth Low Energy Solution is Right for You?

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is the hottest protocol on the market now. In little over five years it has established itself as the de-facto point-to-point wireless standard for a number of low power and small-footprint applications.

RTOS Fundamentals using FreeRTOS

Webinar - February 22, 2017. Topics covered include.
Topics Covered Include:
– Creating and managing tasks
– Creating and using mutexes
– Creating and using semaphores
– Creating and using message queues
and so much more  Register Now

Automotive Cyber Security - Challenges and Practical Guidance

Webinar - February 22, 2017. Automotive cyber security is of a growing concern for the entire automotive industry. Based on our experiences with client projects around the world, we will show typical challenges and highlight suitable security guidance with concrete examples. Register Now

Nexperia Dual Configurable Logic Webinar

Webinar - March 2, 2017. Save design time and money by learning how to use Dual PCB Configurable Logic to improve the way you implement control logic solutions. Dual PCB configurable logic from Nexperia Logic combines two configurable logic devices in a single package with up to 49 different configuration options available in one package. These advantages mean lower system cost, improved inventory management, and fewer qualification expenses during development. Register Now

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