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The first product in the RX200 Series

RX210 Flash MCUs bring new levels of capability and performance to ultra-low-power, low-voltage embedded-system applications. Based on the fast 32-bit RX CPU core, RX210 chips are the first members of the RX200 series of middle-range products.

The RX600 series was the first member of the RX family launched in autumn 2009, and has been
well received by customers impressed with its superior processing performance and 100 MHz fast operating speed. Renesas is now augmenting this family with the lowpower RX200 series, developed to reflect our emphasis on energy conservation and environmental protection. The RX200 delivers the same excellent processing performance as the RX600 but can operate on a voltage as low as 1.62 V while still enabling flash memory programming and erasure. The peripherals have also been carefully designed with safety in mind, so developers of applications that use the RX200 series will have no problem complying with the European Union´s mandatory IEC60730 directive concerning the safety of household appliances.
The excellent combination of high performance and low power and the enhanced safety features make
the RX200 the ideal solution for developers looking for an MCU that is functionally sophisticated but
power efficient; developers who need to extend the life of their batterypowered systems; and developers designing household appliance systems that require a high level of safety assurance. Developers of applications such as digital cameras, smartphones, power meters, refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, and IH cooktops need look no further than the RX200.

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