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Atmel Corporation (Nasdaq: ATML) is a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of microcontrollers, capacitive touch solutions, advanced logic, mixed-signal, nonvolatile memory and radio frequency (RF) components. Leveraging one of the industry´s broadest intellectual property (IP) technology portfolios, Atmel is able to provide the electronics industry with complete system solutions focused on industrial, consumer, communications, computing and automotive markets.

Processor Families


The Atmel SAM D20 ARM Cortex-M0+ based microcontroller (MCU) series builds on decades of innovation and experience in embedded Flash microcontroller technology. more


Based on the ARM® Cortex™-A5 processor, the Atmel® SAMA5D3 series of embedded microprocessor units (eMPUs) operates at up to 536MHz (850DMIPS) at under 200mW, delivering a high-performance, low-power platform for cost-sensitive industrial and consumer applications. more
Group lineup: SAMA5D3

ATmegaRF Single-Chip Wireless Solutions

The IEEE 802.15.4-compliant Atmel® single-chip wireless solution combines the industry’s leading AVR® microcontroller and a best-in-class 2.4GHz RF transceiver to deliver the industry’s best single-chip design. more
Group lineup: ATmegaXXXRF, ATmegaXXXRFR

SAM3 Atmel ARM® Cortex-M3 microcontrollers

Atmel extends its One-stop Shop for ARM-based micros with the SAM3, a Cortex-M3 Flash MCU family that integrates features to simplify PCB design and reduce power consumption down to 2.3 mW at 1 MHz operation. more

SAM4 Atmel ARM® Cortex-M4 microcontrollers

Highly integrated Atmel® Cortex-M4  flash based microcontrollers with variants offering optimized power and performance with enhanced connectivity. more
Group lineup: SAM4L, SAM4S


The AVR XMEGA™ family from Atmel delivers an unprecedented level of system performance in8/16-bit microcontrollers. more


AT91CAP7S, based on the ARM7TDMI® processor core, has a generous amount (160K bytes) of fast on-chip SRAM and a large MP Block of 450K ASIC gates (2-input NAND equivalents). A minimal number of ARM peripherals are instantiated in the fixed portion of the design to address low cost applications. Additionally, there is the flexibility to instantiate other peripherals in the MP
Block using IP available in Atmel´s vast library. more

AVR32 32-bit MCU/DSP AT32UC3L series

The AT32UC3L is a complete System-On-Chip microcontroller based on the AVR32 UC RISC processor running at frequencies up to 50MHz. AVR32 UC is a high-performance 32-bit RISC microprocessor core, designed for cost-sensitive embedded applications, with particular emphasis on low power consumption, high code density, and high performance. more
Group lineup: AT32UC3L0

AVR® 8-Bit RISC - picoPower

To meet the tough requirements to modern microcontrollers Atmel has now combined ten years of low power research and development into picoPower technology for AVR microcontrollers. PicoPower enables AVR to achieve the industry’s lowest power consumption with 650 nA with a RTC running and 100nA in Power Down sleep. more

AVR32 32-bit MCU/DSP Introducing AVR32 UC3

The Atmel AVR32 UC3 product family is built on the new AVR32 UC core optimized for highly integrated embedded applications requiring microcontrollers with on-chip Flash program memory, high computation throughput, real-time behavior and low power consumption. more
Group lineup: UC3A, UC3B, UC3L


Flash Microcontrollers with Integrated USB Controller more
Group lineup: AT90USB, AT90USB82_162


General purpose Microcontroller with up to 4K Bytes Flash program memory 128 Bytes SRAM and EEPROM. more

Smart Battery AVR

Atmel’s ATmega406 AVR Microcontroller Provides Full Smart Battery and Battery Protection Functionality for 2 – 4 Li-ion Cells in a Single Chip. more
Group lineup: ATmega406

Mega AVR

Self programming memory enables remote reprogramming without additional circuitry. Up to 256K Bytes Flash, 4K Bytes EEPROM and SRAM. more

Lighting AVR

Specially designed for Lamp ballast and Motor Control applications. more


Integrated LCD driver, automatic contrast control. Extended battery life, active mode power consumption at 32 kHz < 20 μA. more


Integrated CAN Controller, offering high performance and flexible implementation for CAN networking applications.. more
Group lineup: AT90CAN32_64_128

Auto AVR

AVR for Automotive Applications - Innovative Microcontroller Solutions more

AVR32 32-bit MCU/DSP AP7000

The AP7000 is the first AVR32-based processor family and the first to integrate on a single chip, virtually all the functionalities required for multimedia systems deployed in cell phones, digital cameras, PDAs, automotive infotainment, set top boxes, and home entertainment systems, as well as network switches/routers and printers. more
Group lineup: AT32AP7000, AT32AP7001, AT32AP7002

AT91SAM9 ARM9™ Processor-based Microcontroller Products

ARM9™ processor-based System Level Integration: Expanding the Limits Atmel’s leading-edge microcontroller standard products, ASSPs and ARM9 processor-based ASICs are based on the ARM926EJ-S™ and ARM920T™ cores. more

AT91SAM7 ARM7T Core-based Microcontroller Products

ARM7-based Standard Products, ASSPs and ASICs: Your Passport to ARM Technology. Atmel leverages its expertise and years of experience in ARM-based integration to bring to the market a wide range of general-purpose and application-specific standard products as well as ASICs built around the ARM7TDMI™ core. more


Articles and White Papers   

The latest whitepapers and technical articles from Atmel
LIN Slave Node Design for Wireless Applications
As in-vehicle networking is becomes more prevalent in today’s vehicles the network complexity grows and  so does the wiring and cost associated with each subsequent network. A more simplified approach must be implemented in order to achieve the networking functionality required without ‘breaking the bank’. One approach that has gained popularity is the Local Interconnection Network (LIN). LIN has the specific goal of defining a low cost open networking standard for in-vehicle communication with an emphasis on data integrity, error recovery and fault protection
DC Motor Control in High Temperature Environment
The demand for driver solutions in “under-the-hood” environments is rapidly increasing, and in particular, the use of applications such as turbo chargers, EGR, or AGR calls for new solutions. This document explains Atmel®’s High Temperature H-bridge Motor Control System.
Next-Generation IDE: Maximizing IP Reuse
Two Architectures, One Studio
Integrating  ARM ARM and AVR Design