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78K/0S Processors    


The core of the 78K0S family is a powerful 8-bit CPU, which was directly derived from NEC’s successful 78K0 CPU. By using 0.35 μm process technology for the μPD78916x/7x an excellent power/performance ratio has been achieved. The instruction set consists of 48 optimized  commands. Eight 8-bit general registers can be concatenated into four 16-bit registers, enabling 16-bit operations. Bit manipulation operations are supported.

• Maximum CPU Frequency: 10 Mhz
• Mask ROM (16 and 24 KB) and Flash EPROM (24 KB) versions available
• System Management Bus (SMB) optional
• Minimum instruction execution time from 0.4 μs to 122 μs (5 MHz main system clock)
• Bit manipulation instructions
• 16-bit multiplication (8x8®16)
• Wide supply voltage range: 1.8 – 5.5 V
• Standby control (HALT, STOP mode)