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Zilog’s ZNEO CPU meets the continuing demand for faster and more code-efficient microcontrollers. ZNEO CPU’s architecture greatly improves the execution efficiency of code developed using higher-level programming languages like ‘C’ language. 


The key features of ZNEO CPU architecture include:
  • Highly efficient register-based architecture with sixteen 32-bit registers. All register operations are 32 bits wide
  • Up to 4 GB linear address space (16 MB on current devices) with multiple internal and external memory and I/O buses
  • Short 16-bit addressing for internal RAM, I/O, and 32K of non-volatile memory
  • Instructions using memory can operate on 8-bit, 16-bit, or 32-bit values
  • Support for 16-bit memory paths (internal and external)
  • Pipelined instruction fetch, decode, and execution
  • Bus arbiter supports simultaneous instruction and memory access (when possible)
Other features of the ZNEO CPU include:
  • Direct register-to-register architecture allows each 32-bit register to function as an accumulator. This improves the execution time and decreases the memory required for programs.
  • Expanded stack support:
    • Push/Pop instructions use one 32-bit register as Stack Pointer
    • Single-instruction push and pop of multiple registers
    • Stack Pointer overflow protection<
    • Predecrement/postincrement Load instructions simplify the use of multiple stacks
    • Link and Unlink operations with enhanced Frame Pointer-based instructions for efficient access to arguments and local variables in subroutines
  • Program Counter overflow protection
  • User-selectable bus bandwidth control for DMA and CPU sharing