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Renesas SuperH


The SuperH family offers the highest processing throughput required for today’s sophisticated designs. The SuperH has the capability to implement high-precision, high-speed designs resulting from fast operating frequencies as high as 400 MHz, super-scalar design with multiple instructions being processed in parallel, and 1 MB large-capacity on-chip flash memory with single-cycle access that further contributes to much higher processing speeds.

This high performance processor family combined with a broad selection of advanced on-chip peripherals and extremely low power consumption creates a RISC-based MPU/MCU system that can eliminate the need for a custom designed ASIC.

Key Applications

  • MPU:
    • Car navigation, CIS, Amusements, Multimedia equipment.
    • Broadband router, Firewalls, Networking equipment, Internet equipment.
    • Compact Printers, Direct Printers, POS Terminals, Handy Terminals, Net Terminals.
    • DVCs, DSCs, Image processing, etc.
    • Cell phone application accelerator [SH mobile]
  • MCU:
    • Air conditioners, Refrigerators, Washing machines.
    • Printers, Fax machines, Copiers.
    • Factory equipment, Machine tools.
    • Automobile engines, Power steering systems

Why SuperH?


  • Best Price/Performance – Receive outstanding performance for the price with our 32-bit RISC/DSP architecture that operates at speeds as high as 400 MHz, with superscalar technology, and executes an average of 1.8 instructions in one clock cycle.


  • High Peripheral Integration – Receive substantial cost savings by selecting from the broadest choice of on-chip memories and peripherals for the most diverse applications.


    • On-Chip Memory – Up to 1MB on-chip flash memory and up to 32K on-chip RAM
    • On-Chip Peripherals – CAN, IrDA, USB, SCI, Smart Card, PCMCIA, SDRAM, Ethernet


  • High Density/High Performance Flash – Experience single-cycle access to on-chip flash memory at up to 80 MHz clock rates and up to 1 MB of storage, allowing for maximum performance and minimum data access latency.


  • High Performance RISC and RISC/DSP – High MIPS/$ and high MIPS/W ratings with speeds up to 430 MIPS, 1.7 GFLOPS.


  • Total Upward Code Compatibility – Never worry about losing your initial engineering investment or time-to-market advantage. The SuperH family is upwardly code compatible throughout the product line roadmap.


  • Balanced Power/Performance – Achieve super power efficiency without sacrificing speed. SuperH devices have been built with advanced CMOS processes and use the most extensive power-saving circuit designs and power-down operating modes.


  • Development Environment – Shorten development cycles with our extensive third-party support, comprehensive integrated hardware and software tools, and on-chip debug.
  • Off-the-Shelf Solutions – Choose from a broad range of operating systems, companion chips, middleware, and reference boards.